Ron Lutka
CPA, CMA, ACIS, P.Adm., CorpS, Acc.Dir.

Please email me as I would love to understand your situation and assess how I might be able to help you.

After holding several accounting and finance positions in the oil and gas, and financial and other industries I moved on to operate Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. which I have been doing for over 15 years; doing what I love to do - improve organizational functionality.

On some projects I go it alone while on others I lead small teams utilizing other Corporate Streamlining employees, sub-contractors, and/or dedicated client employees.

Or, having a strong network of independent professionals, perhaps I can connect you with the specific services you need that I and Corporate Streamlining cannot provide directly.

Technical Skills

  • Apply proprietary Corporate Streamlining Technology® to improve organizational functionality to improve the chances for long-term survival and prosperity
  • Apply proprietary Corporate Streamlining Technology® to locate then eradicate numerous failures of basic activities that cause innumerable larger problems
  • Apply proprietary Corporate Streamlining Technology® to make larger recommendations
  • Develop and align procedures
  • Prepare process maps
  • Draft standard operating procedures
  • Employee training on standard operating procedures
  • Employee training on basic Corporate Streamlining Technology┬« (3-hour workshop with immediate results)
  • Help develop Key Performance Indicators and the collection of accurate KPI data
  • Balance sheet clean-ups, especially accounts receivable sub-ledger clean-ups and large balance sheet reconciliation projects
  • Other finance/accounting clean-ups
  • Preparing an organization for high or hyper inflation

MS Office 2007 and 2010 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and some Access), MS Visio 2010 (Premium Edition), MS Project 2013, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, plus several ERP software systems.

For domestic out-of-town projects equal to or greater than one year in duration there is usually no accommodations costs and no relocation surcharge; possible exceptions being to remote locations.

Clients Include
Province of Ontario - Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (government)
We Care Health Services (services in health care)
Direct Energy (energy distribution)
Navistar Canada (manufacturer/Canadian distributor)
Wolverine Tube (manufacturer)
Hino Canada (manufacturer/Canadian distributor) [a Toyota company]
Canac Kitchens (manufacturer/North American distributor) [a Kohler company]
Meridian Technologies (manufacturer)
Beamscope Canada (Canadian distributor)

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