Thank you for visiting my Black Holes in Organizations website. I hope you take advantage of the material it contains and the organizations it links to. As a service to busy executives, you may click 'Executive Summary' to download it for free. I founded Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. to search for and eradicate the black hole–creating items exposed in the book, and to diminish the damage they cause. I hope you enjoy my book and that the tenets ring true for you so together we can eliminate black holes in organizations that are holding organizations back from achieving their long term goals and executives from realizing their professional aspirations.
"To achieve continued exponential growth requires the highest performing organizations. Black Holes in Organizations provides insights into popular pitfalls to avoid."

-David G. Thomson
Author, Blueprint to a Billion

"We experienced a few black holes within our own organization this year and when we discovered them it was too late, and costly. Too bad that I did not read the book Black Holes in Organizations before for it could have avoided me pain and made our company more profitable. Be pro-active, this book is an ‘ought to have’ if you want to have a streamlined company."

-Danny Boulanger
President and CEO, Business Architecture, InterDoc Corporation

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