Ron Lutka’s Black Holes in Organizations provides the reader with insight into the many causes of black holes that impede the success of business organizations. The reader of the book will have the opportunity to apply these causes specifically to his or her organization. Black holes are created by people. With proper support and encouragement, people can implement the remedial action to eliminate black holes. The book provides the reader with many examples as to how to eliminate black holes."

Robert W Babensee CA
Retired Partner, BDO Dunwoody LLP

"Ron Lutka takes us to the middle of an organizational 'black hole' only to discover that it is inhabited by people. Our staff, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders all have the ability to help create the destructive black hole—but they are also the key to getting organizations out of the dark matter we create. Ron provides the clarity owner/managers need to snuff out 'time bombs' and align organizations for success."

David S. Simpson, MBA
Executive Director, The Business Families Centre
The Richard Ivey School of Business, The University of Western Ontario

"Just when leaders in business and industry thought they thoroughly understood organizations, another major breakthrough is made—a breakthrough in organization functionality and corporate governance."

Walter Ramka, FCI, CICP
Associate Director (Credit & A/R Mgmt), Bell Canada

"Lutka's work on black holes resonates with me, having spent time wrestling with data integrity issues, business controls, operations management, and the decision making process. All four would be better served by the removal of black holes, as would my anxiety level. Surprisingly, the concept of black holes as presented by Lutka is easy to understand. More surprisingly, in my experience, pervasive black holes receive little or no attention."

Robert Hutton CMA
Controller, Balmer Architectural Mouldings

"Black holes do exist because we find them in many companies while preparing continuity plans. They can mean the difference between recovering the business or going out of business after a disaster. Ron raises the awareness of black holes and the effects they can have on a business. As Ron points out, if these holes continue to exist, then the future of the business cannot be guaranteed under normal or abnormal circumstances."

Michael Wilkovesky
Principal, Business Continuity & Recovery Consulting

"Ron Lutka deftly illuminates the destructive nature of organizational black holes that inevitably arise, and if untreated, fester and linger like a cancer within the belly of the business enterprise. Usually ignored and often never recognized for the damage they can create, these 'black holes', off the radar screen of management, continue to silently undermine the effectiveness of the organization. Like a good physician Ron Lutka carefully diagnoses the illness he labels as 'black holes'. He presents comprehensive lists of examples for detecting broken systems and unfixed problem areas and then proceeds to offer us the healing cure. With his Corporate Streamlining Technology we are given a sensible, practical and consistent methodology to remedy organizational black holes at the level of root causes. Any business manager, owner, operational or financial executive truly committed to pursuing excellence and to improving their organization should pay very close attention. No matter the size of your business or its current state, there is much offered here to re-shape and re-vitalize your organization."

Brian Gallinger, B.Ed., CGA
Controller, Brydson Group of Companies

"A thoughtful, thought provoking look at the perils today’s organizations face if they choose to ignore the fundamental actions that help to support their business."

Ross Wace
Partner, Wace & Associates Ltd.