Ron entered the business world in his twenties assuming that "organizational functionality" was relentlessly sought by management. However, he was soon to find out it was not.

While working within organizations Ron observed breakdowns in information flow, breakdowns in communications, and breakdowns in basic activities. He asked himself, "This company has been in existence for decades, and it has developed complex manufacturing processes and logistics systems, so why can it not price an order correctly? Why can’t it balance a ledger? Why are employees so frustrated? What is the quality of decision-making at the top if the primary information on which it is based is a consolidation of errors from the bottom?"

After witnessing breaks in organizational functionality in companies during his early years Ron spent over five years in the petro-chemical industry, a highly process-oriented industry, and he again witnessed numerous breakdowns of organizational functionality this time in a company whose greatest asset was its army of engineers. Ron’s experiences in the "highly efficient" and "well run" petro-chemical industry provided uncontested proof that something material was missing in the corporate world. The corporate universe did not align as it should. There was a black hole out there absorbing organizational functionality energy.

Moving on from the petro-chemical industry and after a hiatus, Ron worked for the finance departments of a number of enterprises. He had the opportunity to look deep into the belly of organizations and to see exactly what was, and was not, going on at all levels. He spent over four more years working relentlessly trying to understand organizational failure. Ron concluded: it was time to challenge conventional wisdom. And from that was born a new technology. Contained within the technology is a method for locating black hole creating items within organizations so that black holes can be terminated.

Ron asserts, "Black holes in organizations now have a tested and worthy adversary: Corporate Streamlining Technology®… and black holes will collapse when they encounter the Technology."

Ron Lutka, CMA, ACIS, P. ADM., CorpS, Acc.Dir is the founder and President of Corporate Streamlining Company Inc., founder of Corporate Streamlining Technology Inc., developer of Corporate Streamlining Technology®, designer and facilitator of the Corporate Streamlining Technology® course, and is a certified Corporate Streamliner®. Ron was an avid ice hockey player in his youth, as a young adult he solo circumnavigated Lake Superior and Lake Huron in his 25-foot sailboat, and now resides in the Toronto, Canada area with his girlfriend Liyu.